RR Logix


Based in Texas, RR Logix was founded to fill the demand for highly qualified SAP ® consultants who are passionate about the success of their clients. RR Logix specializes in technical development of complimentary SAP ® software. Principal members of RR Logix have almost 4 decades of combined SAP ® experience with over 2 decades within the Oil & Gas industry. Notably, the founding partners were all heavily involved in the internal development of IS-OIL PRA (Production Revenue Accounting).


Principle members in the company have worked internally at SAP ® developing applications as well as taught classes through the SAP ® education system. Our partnerships with industry experts further enhances our ability to give you maximum value when you ask us to undertake a project. If SAP can depend on RR Logix to develop their applications and teach their employees and customers, you can too.


Quality, client service, and accountability are what set us apart from the rest.

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